Kristen W

 "We were challending clients to say the least. Our preferences rarely overlapped, we always went for the most complicated purchases to find the best deal; and our criteria left us with very limited options. Carrie hung in there with us through the long haul. It was her fresh ideas, tenacity, positive attitude and expertise that got us the perfect house at a great price. We couldn't be more pleased. Thanks so much, Carrie!"


Happily ever after in Sandy Springs

When Chris and Kristen began their search for the perfect home, they had a clear vision of what they wanted. More than once, Kristen fell in love with a house only to have the deal fall apart at the last minute. When we finally found a house that fit all of their criteria – in-town, a great lot just steps from the Chattahoochee River and in an excellent school district – there was just one problem. When Kristen looked at the house, she didn’t see her dream home. Instead, she saw a house with little curb appeal that needed some major updating. We were able to work with a lender to secure construction financing and found an architect to design a beautiful wraparound porch to add that finishing touch. In the end, Kristen’s dream came true and she fell in love! Who do you know that hasn’t been able to find their perfect home? Do you know someone who is picky, knows what they like and seeks only the best? Call me and let’s discuss how I can use some creative ideas to make their dreams come true!


Meant to be in Roswell

When the Millers got ready to sell their home in Stone Mountain, things started happening fast. Just married and with a baby on the way, they wanted a bigger house in a better neighborhood. Being a victim of a carjacking weeks before putting the house on the market raised the family’s anxiety level and confirmed their goals to get in a safer part of town.  Though they had taken excellent care of their property, homes on their street were selling in the $30K range. To help them get more, we had a professional stage the home and hired a photographer. Within 30 days, we had a contract for $60K – twice the going rate in the neighborhood! Shortly after the contract on the old house was signed, the baby was here and the Millers needed to find a new home fast. Within two weeks, we found a beautiful home in Roswell on a cul-de-sac perfect for their new family. The seller was in a distressed situation and the Millers were able to purchase the home for a fraction of its original listing price. Coincidentally, the house number on their new home was the same as Mr. Miller’s childhood home growing up. It was meant to be! If you know someone who feels stuck in their current home, thinks there’s no way they could afford to sell it – call me and let’s at least evaluate their situation.  There are lots of options available today and if selling is one of them, we’ll get them the most we can for their home!  

A long road home to LaVista Park

Not long after Andrew was married, he realized his “hip” condo in Virginia Highland was just too small for two people and a dog. We put the condo on the market, were able to sell it quickly, and began the process of finding a home for his new family. Unsure if they wanted to remain in-town or settle in the suburbs, Andrew and his wife looked at all kinds of houses from Morningside to The Polo Fields and every neighborhood in between. Eventually, we found the perfect home in LaVista Park complete with a gorgeous yard and renovated “man cave” basement. Just before they closed on the home, a huge storm hit Atlanta and flooded the basement. We were able to coordinate with contractors and inspectors to repair the damage and get the home ready so that Andrew and his wife could move in on time. Today, they are happy in their home and the family has grown again with the addition of a beautiful daughter.  The Wades are like many of my clients – wondering whether they should buy inside the perimeter or outside the perimeter. Who do you know struggling with this decision? ITP or OTP? Condo or Single Family? Intown or Suburbs? Call me and tell me about their search.  I know the hippest suburban neighborhoods and the most affordable intown neighborhoods and can always find the best compromise for buyers & will work hard to find the perfect home and neighborhood for them.  

Two empty nesters and a vision in Roswell

When the Peeles finally ushered their youngest child out the door to college, they knew it was time to downsize. To get their home ready to put on the market, we helped them coordinate a number of repairs and brought in a professional stager who advised them to paint the entire inside of the home and install new carpet throughout. Though the house looked great, we kept getting feedback that the yard needed to be landscaped to enhance the home’s curb appeal. We worked with a professional landscaper to manicure the existing yard, as well as to create some virtual images that showcased the yard’s potential. We displayed these images inside and hired a home manager to ensure the house was in show condition at all times – all at no cost to the homeowner. All of the hard work paid off and we were able to sell the house, enabling the Peeles to focus all of their attention on building and designing their new “empty nest.” Do you know a seller frustrated that their agent isn’t “doing anything” to sell their home? We will think outside the box, get feedback and respond to it and do everything we can to make their home shine.  Call us today to find out how we can do more than just put a sign in the yard for them!

Jason and Monica

 "Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations!"

-Jason and Monica